Name Change in Australia

Applying for a legal name change in Australia

People are now crazy about their identity and because of that, many of them resort of changing their names, some are legally and some do it informal.  While this will bring advantages to the individual, it still has some effect on their lives.  They may not know it, but, there is, but, may be an indirect one.

There are few reasons, why people resort to this process.

  1. To get rid of the name as a result of failed relationships. Some wanted to distance themselves, from the identity of their ex- partners. It is a preparation to finding a new one.
  2. Others just want to change name without a good reason. They just want to do it, for no reason at all.  Maybe it just an influence from a friend that makes them decide to change their name.
  3. Others want to distance themselves, from relatives who have the same surname, but, have a damage reputation.
  4. While others do it for religious reasons.

Is everyone qualified to apply for the process?

I think so, as long as you are in the legal age, you are legally available to apply for a legal name change.  The question is, do you have enough reason for the application?  Applying and approval are two different things.  Not all application are approve and approval time differ from case to case.  And so far, applications from people who just came from a divorce proceeding are getting fast results and high approval rate.

If your reason is not convincing enough, you might as well reconsider.  You will save yourself the hassles, effort, time and money.

Is the entire process easy?

The entire proceeding is easy, but, because it is legal proceedings, you must be careful in all aspects of the preparation.  You may encounter legal terms, that maybe hard to understand.  The best thing to do is hire a competent lawyer, to guide you from the start to the end of the process.  This people as a lawyer, has the understanding of the arrangement of the documents, filing up procedures and proper documentations.

The Cost

To change name will cost you a bit of your fortune.  It ranges from $200 to around $500, depending on the reason of your application. But, if the reason is valid, the act is justifiable.  It will create on you the feeling of freedom and individuality. This will detach you from people you don’t want a connection anymore.

But, if you don’t have a good reason to do this, stay put. It is not your name that brings you into trouble now.  It is your wrong decisions in life.  Name is just a name and it is not really a big factor for you to become successful.

Applying for a legal name change in Australia is easier than in other places.   In Australia and like in other places in the west and Europe, legal name change is a common procedure.  It is allowed by law and It is being practiced by its citizens.  But, for some countries, it is still a taboo or a myth.  Going through this kind of procedure, is just like going into a hole of a needle.

Bill Ardern

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