Things to Expect from a Solicitor Rockhampton

Many people in Rockhampton find legal issues to be complex and confusing. Using a solicitor Rockhampton has been seen as a good legal guide while navigating the complexities of legal procedures.

Hiring the services of a solicitor Rockhampton offers the best way to know answers to your questions and the availability of options.

Considered a legal expert, a solicitor Rockhampton helps with various legal concerns, including:

  • Starting a business
  • Purchasing your dream home
  • Make your will
  • Getting a divorce
  • Provide legal advice
  • May be able to represent your interests
  • Help you understand your legal rights
  • Provide resolution to your legal problem

Being a solicitor allows him/her to practice law. However, many solicitors often specialise in two areas of the law.

Things to Expect from a Solicitor Before, During, and After an Appointment

Making an appointment with your preferred solicitor is the first step. However, there are things you must do before going to the first appointment, including:

  • Ask beforehand for the documents you need to bring with you
  • Create a list of questions to ask your solicitor
  • Inform the solicitor if you plan to bring someone with you to the meeting
  • Inform if your disability needs some adjustments

The information you are likely to get from a solicitor during the meeting include:

  • Give you time to explain your legal concerns and know your set expectations about the outcome
  • Ask you about what you think or know about the issues involved with your case
  • Explain the options to take including their advantages and disadvantages
  • Inform you about his/her rate, the expenses involved, and the time connected to your case
  • Refer you to a specialist if your issue is outside their area of expertise
  • Identify the urgent tasks including other documentation needed
  • Inform you of other steps to do

Hiring the services of a solicitor allows him/her to send a follow-up in the form of a client care letter to your given address. The contents of the client care letter include:

  • You have hired his/her services and allowed to represent your interests
  • Provide information about the things discussed during the appointment including the next steps to take
  • Information about the identity of the person assigned to deal with your case every day
  • Include the estimated expenses, timing, and spending limit
  • Details about the credentials of your solicitor and information about the department or office to file a complaint, if there are any

It’s always best to update your solicitor about any changes to your financial or personal circumstances that are seen to affect the case. For instance, your legal aid entitlement may be affected by changes in your financial position.

Some identity checks will be performed by the solicitor for new clients. These client checks, also known as money laundering checks, are mandatory processes to prevent criminals from using law firms to launder dirty money.

The personal documents needed to be presented to a solicitor include:

  • Proof of address reflected in current household bills such as electricity or gas
  • Driver’s license
  • Current passport

Specialisation of services is also happening in the legal field. When it comes to solicitors, hiring the one that fits your needs is the best way to get the right one.

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