Government Skills Australia has closed its doors, after 10 years or working with the government, community safety, and water industries.

As such, it is no longer a recognised Industry Skills Council and is not responsible for the management or development of any Endorsed Training Packages or Accredited Courses, or able to provide information about workforce development, training, or perform any other of its previous functions other than acquittal of workforce development funding (NWDF and EBPPP). Information about the future management of Endorsed Training Packages can be found here:

The GSA website has been archived by the National Library of Australia, including copies of any materials that were available from the website as at October 2015. Please access the archive here:

All current training packages are available from

During the winding up, only the Finance, IT, and NWDF sections will be staffed, and not on a regular or frequent basis.

If you require information about your existing NWDF project, please email

If you require information at accounts payable or receivable (except for NWDF), please email

Thank you for your support.