Tips for Hiring an Excellent Will Lawyer in Canberra

While you are alive, you need to plan for the time when you will not be around. This includes planning about your property distribution among your loved ones, childcare and wellbeing. This can only be achieved by having a skilled will lawyer who can aid you in drafting a legal will. In this article, we will look at tips on finding an excellent lawyer and what you need to consider when writing a will.

Five tips on finding an excellent will lawyer

Fee structure:

Lawyers can have very high rates at times and if you do not take a keen look, you may end up spending more than you require. Hence, you should research fees and compare them among different will lawyers to find the most appropriate one that aligns with your budget.

Excellent communications skills:

Any lawyer should be effective in their communication, clearly bringing out their views and capable of explaining some difficult terminologies to their clients. This is so crucial when it comes to will lawyers, as the entire process of drafting a will requires proper communication and understanding of every aspect of the will.


A will lawyer should be well experienced and understand all the laws and regulations governing drafting a will until it attains validity.  Experience makes a lawyer easily navigate the difficult parts and ensures that they help you to successfully draft a will that will be legally accepted.


You should start by trying to find a will lawyer around you in Canberra by looking at different websites and asking friends for recommendations. However, you should also do your background research on those lawyers that you get recommendations from your acquaintances.


Apart from education, training and personal achievements, also verifies that the will lawyer is a member of relevant legal organisations and adheres to a particular code of ethics and conduct. This will help to avoid being scammed because the membership bodies ensure that they only register lawyers who are willing to adhere to a particular code of conduct.

What are some of the things that you should consider when writing a will?

Here are some important things to consider putting in a will:

Assets and beneficiaries:

You should take inventory of all your assets to help you determine how they will be distributed to your beneficiaries.


In case you have minor children, you will need to assign them to guardians of your choosing, those who can cater for their needs and ensure that they grow to become independent individuals in your absence.


This person will enforce all the instructions that you have stipulated in your will. He or she should be someone who is trustworthy and cannot be easily swayed to make changes in your will.

Legal requirements:

Any will should meet the legal requirements as outlined by the concerned state authorities for it to attain validity.

Review and update:

Consequently, your views will change from time to time. So, it is important to regularly review and update your will whenever such changes seem inevitable.

You need to consider factors such as fee structure, excellent communication skills, expertise, research and credentials when looking for expert will lawyers in Canberra. Important things to include in your will include assets and beneficiaries, guardianship, executor, legal requirements, and reviews and updates.

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