Funded Education

Government Funded Education in Australia

What You Need Know About Australian Education Funding

There has been a reinvigoration of the debate involving the funding of schools by the Australian Government. This debate is reinvigorated by the government’s school funding review which is identified as the first comprehensive appraisal for funding the schools from the early 1970s.

It is in the year 2009 when the Australian Government changed its way of school funding. The restructuring process affected mostly the government schools. This restructuring idea came as a result of the establishment of new federal financial association framework. The council of the Australian government is the one who was held responsible for the establishment of this federal financial relations.

The Australian government has come up with new programmes that have made the funding of the schools to increase. One of the initiatives that made this successful is the programmes of the BER economic stimulus that have contributed most to the increase in school funding. Despite the fact that the labour government has been involved in the significant increase of the school funding, it is realised that a number of the increased funding is not ongoing. However, the rest of the school funding is due to the increases that are automatic and coming from indexation.

The main historic pattern for the ongoing government funding of the schools remains to be the Australian government. The Australian government has been in the frontline, providing a majority of its funding to the private schools as the state and the territory governments offer a number of their funding to the public schools. It is realised that a number of the total public expenditure which entails the Australian, the state, and the territory, is given to the government schools.

The Role of the Australian Government in School Education

Constitutionally, it is the state governments and the territory governments that are held responsible when it comes to education. As a result, they have a responsibility of regulating the school education, funding, and administering the government schools. Public type of education is recognised as the only way through which the government is in a position of meeting the commitment involved in the universal access of education. This is something that is compulsory and reinstated by the Australian government up to those who are 16 years old.

The state and the territory governments are also held responsible for the provision of the supplementary funding for the private schools. The Australian government funds the government schools in addition to being the major provider of the public funds when it comes to the private schools. This is one way of seeing its role of offering an education type of leadership and working together with the state and the territory governments, and the other stakeholders for the school education in ensuring that education of high quality is offered to the Australian children.