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Security of your property, your residential home or your business shop should be a priority for today. Although you may not easily find a solution that fits your budget, still you shouldn’t ignore having one in place, albeit the budget. CCTV surveillance is handy and has worked for many, and I hope that it will work for you too. With CCTV installed, you will monitor every activity going in your shop and detect any fraudulent activity going on within your shop, and on top of all, you will have evidence to present in the court of law against perpetrators of heinous acts within your business premises. With so many security systems available in Sydney only for you to choose, I humbly suggest you consider closed-circuit television because they are cheap, convenient, and can be installed with the specialised dealer within a day. The top security companies in Sydney strongly recommend that, aside from CCTV, you install a security system for door access control and alarms. You will then be 100% secure.


CCTV for Business

This is an up to date security system you will never miss in any shop in town today. It includes comprehensive security coverage with hidden cameras to record every other event in your shop. The state of the heart full HD cameras brings you live pictures from every corner of your shop. So that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your employees will engage in fraudulent activities.


CCTV for Residential (Home)

You shouldn’t wait until they break into your home and take away all your valuables while you are away from home. Think about securing your home today because even if your house is insured with a comprehensive policy, not every item is stolen will be replaced. More so, the cost of getting back the stolen items can be overwhelming. Consider investing in a pocket-friendly security system – CCTV.


Types of CCTVs

Before you settle on a CCTV surveillance security system, to install in your home or your business, there are many types of cameras to choose from. Nowadays, we feel secured with cameras all over the scene that record events each an every minute. There are different types of CCTV cameras each best suited to a different situation, and when selecting which one to install, at the back of your mind should be a reason behind the camera options.  I will shed some light on different types of cameras soon below.


Dark Fighter Technology Cameras

They pick up images in low light conditions and best suited for both day and night. They are equipped with ½ CMOS progressive scan sensors. Other features include; line crossing, audio and face recognition with high definition.


Bullet Camera

Long and cylindrical and it is ideal for outdoor use. It has a long-distance viewing feature, and it is shielded from natural elements. They can easily be mounted on the wall with brackets. Other features include IR night vision, compact size for ease of installation and high-quality image resolution.


Internal and External Dome Camera

It is commonly used for indoor surveillance. Onlookers cannot decipher where the camera is facing because of its shape. Other features include ease of installation, vandalism resistant feature and IR night vision.



Other types of cameras include C-Mount Camera, Day/Night Camera, PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera, Discreet CCTV, Thermal Image Camera/infrared cameras, Varifocal cameras, network cameras, and HD Cameras.





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